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Please click the links below to watch 'how to' videos about digital tools we use regularly across the school:


 HWB Logo

Logging in to HWB from an IPad or app - by Mrs Peters 

Logging in to HWB from a computer - by Mrs Peters

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Uploading documents and saving work - by Mrs Peters

How to use J2Launch tools - overview for teachers

What is Just2Easy?


How to upload and complete worksheets on J2E - by Mr Cooper 

How to use J2E5

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How to use JIT Paint

How to code with JIT Turtle 

How to make stop-go animations with JIT animate

How to use JIT chart and pictogram

How to use JIT Mix

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How to use J2Data, with examples - by Mr Cooper

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How to use J2Homework - by Mrs Peters

J2Homework support for teachers


How to open J2Code

How to move the Sprite

How to use loops

How to add different movements

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How to use J2Blast

How to use SpellBlast 


What is Sumdog? Teacher overview.

Setting maths home learning for teachers (Zoom required)

Setting spelling and grammar home learning (Zoom required)

Setting a class competition (Zoom required)

Sumdog for parents (Zoom required)

Google -classroom -logo

How to create your Google Classroom and set assignments - for teachers

Communicate and engage with children - for teachers

How to use Google Sites

Using Google Forms for assessment, feedback and marking - for teachers

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How to use Epic for children - by Mr Cooper

What is Get Epic?

Get Epic teacher tutorial

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Downloading Minecraft Education for free to a computer

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 At 10.59.31 AM How to use Microsoft Teams - by Mr Cooper & Mrs Peters
Flipgrid _Logo _2019_Final -1024x 570

A teachers guide to using Flipgrid

How to use Flipgrid for children - by Mrs Peters

How to use Flipgrid for children 2 - by Mrs Peters