Parent Council

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The aim of the Parent Council is to support the strategic direction of the school by working alongside the Senior Leadership Team to help drive the school forward. The Parent Council form an important link between the school and the wider community, helping us to form closer relationships with parents and to develop a deeper understanding about matters which are important to parents with regards to their children’s learning and development.

The Parent Council representatives from each class for 2019/20 are:

  • Assessment Unit – Miss Kirsty Griffiths
  • Nursery & Reception - Miss Toni Smith
  • Year 1 – Mr. Nicholas Fry
  • Year 2 – Mrs. Amy Cole
  • Year 3 – Mr. Sebastian Poznanski & Mrs Sylwia Poznanska
  • Year 4 – Mrs. Andy Mayes
  • Year 5 – Mrs. Sophie Peyton & Mr. Matt Gower
  • Year 6 – Mrs. Susan Ridding & Mr. Anthony White


Parent Council Minutes March 2020

Parent Council Minutes January 2020

Parent Council Minutes December 2019

Parent Council Representatives Letter

Parent Council Information Letter