Please click here to read our visitor safeguarding leaflet.

It is extremely important that we keep our children safe and secure at all times at Richmond Park School! In order to do this we have a variety of systems in place in which we ask parents to support and fully adhere to at all times: 

  • A new secure entry system - only staff are able to access the school building during the day via passcodes on the main doors in the reception area.
  • All external doors will be locked during the school day and entrance to the school can only be made via our main entrance.
  • On-site parking is restricted to school staff only.
  • All members of staff wear their identity badges at all times.
  • Visiting adults need to sign in and wear visitor’s badges, and adults working regularly with children will be subject to CRB checks.
  • Extra-curricular clubs must provide the school with a variety of certification.
  • All staff receive regular safeguarding training.

Morning Routine 

The school gate is open at 8.00am in the morning to allow children and parents/carers into the school building to access our Breakfast Club. Any children arriving in school before 8.45am should make their way to our Breakfast Club as there are no staff on duty to supervise the playground until then. 

At 8.45am children should make their way onto the playground or into their classrooms, depending on the weather. We kindly ask that parents leave the school site at this point. It is fundamental that the children build their own independence and organise their own morning routine. It is also important that the children have a calm and structured start to the day with full teacher engagement.  

At 9.00am the school gate will be locked. All parents need to have left the site before this point. Late children, parents/carers and visitors must then enter the school via our main entrance. 


Evening Routine

The school gate will be opened at 3.00pm to allow adults to collect their children. Foundation Phase children can be collected at 3.05pm, whereas Key Stage 2 (Junior children) can be collected at 3.15pm. The gate will be locked 15 minutes later at 3.30pm. The school lollipop lady will be on duty to cross children and parents throughout this time.

After-school clubs take place every night at Richmond Park School and the school site must be safe and secure. Parents collecting their children after a club are asked to return to school at the appropriate time or to wait in the 'Parent’s Waiting Area' in the school's reception/foyer until the club has finished.  

Children walking home alone will be crossed by the member of staff in charge of each club, but only with prior consent from parents/carers.

If you would like any further information about anything above, please feel free to contact us in school. Thank you! Diolch!