Bronze Young Ambassador


Our Bronze Young Ambassadors are made up of 2 children from Year 6, who are elected by children from their class (including 2 vice ambassadors). The Young Ambassador Movement aims to empower and inspire young people to become role models and leaders through sport, by developing their confidence and skills in order to increase physical activity participation in others. This approach will empower young people to make their own decisions through consultation, leadership and ownership. 

These leaders were identified through their involvement within the school curriculum (PE and wider), involvement with extra-curricular activities like Dragon Sport, rugby clubs and involvement with clubs in the community.  

'Every child hooked on sport for life' is an aspiration for Sport Wales. To achieve this it is crucia'l that a young person-centred approach is adopted. 

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the Olympic and Paralympic values in school.
  • Help to increase the number of children taking part in extra-curricular activities.
  • Get equipment ready before the session.
  • Start the warm-ups.
  • Put equipment away.
  • Speak in school assembly about why they enjoy taking part in sport and the events/festivals they've attended.
  • Run a lunch time club.
  • Take part in the school sports council.
  • Support teh running and organisation of Sport's Day


'I like being a Bronze Young Ambassador because I enjoy it and I encourage people to participate in different sports and activities. I try to use all the Olympic Values'. 

Previous Bronze Ambassador


'I enjoy being a Bronze Ambassador because I get to try out different kinds of sports and teach other children what I have learned. I like being able to give my opinions about how sport can be improved in school.' 

Year 6 pupil