Abercarn, South Wales

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Twitter - @iJigso

Our 'Jig-So' project is a collaborative digital learning initiative between Richmond Park School in Carmarthen (@RichmondParCPS) and Abercarn Primary School in Caerphilly (@AbercarnPrimary).

The initiative was created by Mr Cooper (@DeputyDCooper) and Miss Williams (@AbercarnPS_RW) to engage the children from both school through the use of ICT to raise standards in Literacy, Numeracy, Welsh, etc.


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Some of the planned activities are:

* Daily Facetime Guided Reading sessions between Years 3-6

* Use of HWB+ to email collaborative stories

* Children and teachers to write blogs and Twitter posts about their 'Jig-So' experiences

* Collaborative radio broadcasts on AudioBoo to share school news

* Children to create a joint monthly newsletter on Comic Life to share their work

* Use of IMovie to create presentations about each others towns/schools

* Create joint e-safety resources

* Play each other in sports games - children to film and record commentary during the game

* Use of Google Maps for children to write travel directions to each others schools

* Welsh conversations through HWB+ emails

* Create numeracy problems for each other on 'Explain Everything' and post to HWB+ for others to solve.


We will be posting regular updates of our activities with images and videos to our Jig-So blog. You can also follow our progress on our Twitter account by following @iJigso

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