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'I like Bug Club because I can use my reading strategies to help me read and because it's improved my reading skills. I like Bug Club because you don't have to hold a book'. 

Brandon Vanderbrink - Year 5 pupil 

What is Bug Club? 

Bug Club is an online reading programme with an immersive online reading world of fantastic print books and comics packed with kid-friendly characters like Doctor Who, Wallace and Gromit, Ben 10, Star Wars, etc! 

Get your children hooked on eBooks! 

  • No more 'bagsies' - every Bug Club book is available online as an eBook so no arguments about who gets what!
  • Comprehension 2.0 - Interactive quizzes, narration (KS1) and sound effects (KS2) keep children engaged and test genuine comprehension unobtrusively.
  • Wii who? Learners will be hooked on their personal homepage which they can customize with the rewards they earn from comprehension quizzes.
  • The invisible book bag – reluctant readers will be reassured by the anonymity of their online book bag.

 Online -world -diagram

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