School governors are people from the local community whose aims are to make a positive contribution to our school and to raise the standards of achievement of education for all pupils. They are the largest volunteer force in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles of setting the strategic direction of the School, ensuring accountability, and being the School’s ‘critical friend’. 

It is a demanding yet extremely rewarding role and is an excellent way to give back to the community. All school governors receive support and development from each other, the school and the local authority. If you are interested in becoming a school governor, please contact the school and ask for the Headteacher.

Our full list of governors and their responsibilities can be seen below:


Name of Governor Type of Governor Role & Responsibility
Mr Richard Gealy LEA

Chair of FGB & Chair of Premises Sub-Committee.

Governor with specific responsibility for Health & Safety

Cllr. Pam Palmer LEA Premises & Curriculum / Staffing 
Cllr. Alun Lenny LEA

Premises & Curriculum / Staffing 

Dr. Dewi Evans LEA

Well-being & inclusion and Finance.

Responsible for Child Protection / Safeguarding 

Vacancy LEA Vacancy 
Mrs Lorna Hosken-Thomas Parent

Premises Sub-Committee and Chair of Well-being & Inclusion Sub-Committee.

Responsible for Child Protection / Safeguarding

Ms. Danielle Cook Parent Premises & Well-being & Inclusion. Responsible for pupil councils.
Mrs. Annette Palmer Parent Curriculum / Staffing & Well-being & Inclusion
Dr. Themina Kamran Parent Premises & Finance. Responsible for ALN pupils, including MAT.
Mrs. Rosanne Richards Parent Curriculum / Staffing & Finance 
Mrs. Pat Evans Staff representative Premises & Well-being & Inclusion 
Mr. Nick Macey Staff representative Premises & Well-being & Inclusion
Mrs. Virginia Davies Staff Teacher Curriculum / Staffing & Well-being and Inclusion
Mrs. Angela Lake-James Staff Teacher Curriculum / Staffing & Well-being and Inclusion 
Ms. Helen-Wyn Davies Headteacher Headteacher & All committees 
Mrs. Jane Regan Community

Vice Chair of FGB, Chair of Curriculum & Staffing sub-committee and Chair of Finance.

May attend all sub-committees. 

Mrs. Diane Thomas Community Well-being & Inclusion and Premises. 
Rev. Leigh Richardson Community Curriculum / Staffing, Well-being & Inclusion. Responsible for looked after children.
Mr. Steve Dunn Community Curriculum / Staffing & Finance 
Mr. Daniel Cooper

Deputy Head invited

in advisory capacity

All committees where invited.