Are you eligible for Free School Meals?

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To find if your child is eligible for free school meals, please click here.


If you're eligible for free school meals, you can apply by clicking here or on the link below:

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Dear Parent/ Carer,

Your child may be entitled to Free School Meals!

The information above allows you to assess your eligibility for free school meals for your child.  We are very aware at school that many of you are not receiving what your son/daughter is entitled to.  In the UK 1.8 million children are entitled to free school meals but more than 330,000 are not receiving them.  Are you one of this number?

We would like to make this process as easy as possible, providing confidential support with your application and providing you and your family with their full entitlements. Please don’t miss out on what is rightfully yours!


Why apply?

·   Because it matters. YOUR child matters!

·  You are entitled.

·  We will deal with your applications confidentially and discreetly, your child needn’t know.

·  It will ensure that your child will eat a healthy 2 course meal which will lead to a real appetite for learning, allowing the best possible opportunity to reach their potential.

·   It will save you over £350 per year, and about 190 hours of making packed lunches!

·   7% of school children do not eat breakfast which affects the rates of learning. We will guarantee a healthy meal.

·  70% of parents and carers say they have little time to prepare meals and enjoy the social interaction that mealtimes bring.  We can ensure that social interaction.

·  Children receiving free school meals are not easily identified by others as they are not treated differently in the school hall. There is no stigma to this as all children having a hot meal queue together – there is no exchange of tokens, money, stamps or showing of cards which some parents are worried about. 

·   If your child does not like the meal cooked for a particular day, they can bring sandwiches instead, they will not be forced to eat the meal and it will not affect their right to have a free meal the next day.

·   You may also be able to get trips and residentials like Pendine at a reduced rate.

If you qualify from the information you have read, please complete an application form and return it to the school within seven days of receipt.  As we have stated the process of application is discreet and in your interest.  Help us to help you and your family where we can. 

If you are unsure, give us a call anyway and we may be able to help you. For any queries regarding free school meals, your eligibility, the application process or any enquiries you have, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Geraldine Phillips in the school office and she will work through it with you. She is discreet and will treat all information in the strictest of confidence. You will be able to meet in a room where you and she can talk undisturbed.