Estyn Inspection Report 2013

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Inspection Report 2013 


To read our 2013 Estyn Inspection Report, please click the link above. 


We are so proud to have been awarded a GOOD in EVERY area of our recent Inspection. 


Some key quotes from the report are: 

* Pupils enjoy coming to school and are proud of their achievements 

* The curriculum and extra-curricular activities are stimulating and interesting 

* Leaders have high expectations of pupils and staff and this has led to significant improvements in standards 

* Teachers and support staff contribute well to continuous school improvement

* Children's behaviour is consistently good in classrooms and at break times, and they show respect, care and concern for others 

* There are many opportunities for pupils to take part in regular physical exercise and the school has appropriate arrangements to promote healthy eating and drinking  

* The school identifies the additional learning needs of pupils at an early stage and puts in place appropriate programmes of intervention that meet the needs of pupils well 

* The school is an inclusive community that values and celebrates the diverse background of its pupils well 

* Parents feel very welcome in school and teachers offer them regular focused support through the school's own initiatives, including PEAS and DREAMS