Sumdog (1)

Please click on the image above to access the log-in page for Sumdog. 

Sumdog can also be downloaded to IPads and Android devices.

Sumdog provides engaging online maths games which can be used to play at home or school (see the pictures at the bottom of the page for a snapshot of some of these games). It covers 122 numeracy skills, split into 10 levels of increasing difficulty. Most of the games are multiplayer, so your child can choose whether to practice their skills individually or play against their friends in school. Children can also play in local competitions by competing against children from other school's across the county, where they can compare their performance against others. 

Sumdog adapts to the skill level of your child, therefore if your child keeps answering the questions correctly, they will automatically get progressively harder to allow for greater challenge. Likewise, if your child is having difficulty with certain topics, Sumdog will recognise this and make the questions slightly easier but will ask more of them.  

Children will also be able to earn 'coins' by answering questions correctly. They can use these coins to make purchases to their online avatar, such as 'buying' clothes, accessories, etc. Therefore the more frequently they play and the more questions they answer correctly, the more they will be able to 'buy'.  

Your child will have received their own personal username and password on a letter which was sent out by his/her class teacher. These can be changed by your child once he/she is logged on, mainly for internet safety and to help them remember something more familiar to them. If your child has forgotten these details or if you have any other questions regarding Sumdog, please ask your child's class teacher or Mr Cooper who will be more than happy to provide you with the log-in or further details.  

We hope your child enjoys playing Sumdog and we are sure that with regular practice, this will help to develop their numeracy skills.