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Welsh language provision 

Our school is categorised as an English medium school. This means that we teach Welsh as a second language in all classes by means of a variety of activities such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, role-play, singing – the list is endless! Welsh conversational skills are developed progressively throughout the school. Staff and pupils use the Welsh language daily not only in lessons but also incidentally for greetings, instructions, during registration time, assemblies, at playtimes etc. If, as parents/carers, you would be interested in having a booklet of phrases and language patterns that are used please ask! 

Welsh dimension 

Children are given plenty of opportunities to learn about Wales. Careful planning across subjects and areas ensures that children`s knowledge, understanding and a sense of Welsh identity is developed. This Cwricwlwm Cymreig promotes pupils` awareness of the cultural, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales as well as making children aware of the advantages of learning Welsh as a useful skill in an increasingly competitive and bilingual society. 

Extra-curricular activities 

Joining the Urdd, a Welsh-medium youth movement, gives your child the opportunity to learn and socialise through the medium of Welsh and become one of around 50,000 members across Wales. We are proud that our Urdd club has been running since the school opened in 1988 and we enjoy taking part in the opportunities that the Urdd offers to us as Welsh learners. All children in KS2 are invited to become members during the autumn term and weekly activities are organised until the end of the spring term.  

Useful sites for Welsh learners: – search for Astro Antics - stories, songs and games for Welsh learners aged between 5 and 7

On Google enter:
NGfL (3-11)
Fflic a Fflac (3-7)
Cyw (3-5)
Urdd (7-11)
Bore Da (7-11)