Year 2 - Tegid

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Some important information to note: 

Fruit money is £1 a week;  

Dinner money is £2.50 a day (£12.50 a week);  

Reading books are taken home every day. Our Home Learning Menus are sent home at the start of every term. Children can complete as many activities as they'd like and bring their work in throughout the term.

P.E. can be on different days each week, therefore we kindly ask parents to bring their kits in to school on a Monday and these will be returned on a Friday.

Please help us by labelling your child's clothes. Diolch! 

Homework includes the use of Zip Tales, reading a class book, learning weekly sounds and spellings, etc. Exact details can be seen on the parent notification letter which is handed out at the start of term. 

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“ The more we do, the more we can do!”  

Dosbarth Tegid follow the Foundation Phase curriculum. The Foundation Phase has seven Areas of Learning. These are:

Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity – this includes children learning about themselves, forming relationships with other children and adults and developing their self-esteem and personal moral values. 

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills – these skills are developed through talking and listening, reading and writing and by communicating their needs, feelings and thoughts. 

Mathematical Development – mathematical skills are developed by solving problems, using numbers daily, working mentally with numbers and investigating shapes, measures and money. 

Welsh Language Development – children have the opportunity to learn to use and to communicate in Welsh to the best of their ability. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – children will be given experiences to help them become curious and understand more about past events, people and places, living things and the work people do. They learn to show concern and respect for all living things and the environment. 

Physical Development – children are encouraged to enjoy adventurous and physical play and the importance of health, fitness and safety. 

Creative Development – this includes art, craft, design, music, dance and movement. 

Religious Education and the development of ICT skills are linked to these Areas of Learning and to the children`s learning experiences.