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Class Dojo


Parents, to access your ClassDojo account, please click the link above and enter your log-in details.


We believe in promoting positive attitudes to learning and behaviour at Richmond Park School, therefore we're using a website called Class Dojo to track and monitor all of the wonderful traits your children display on a daily basis. Class Dojo is a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behaviours, both positive and negative, for all children from Nursery to Year 6. Students get very excited when they are awarded points (it’s on display throughout the school day). Our school council created a 5-stage positive behaviour chart to coincide with our existing 5-stage consequence chart. Pupils are awarded between 1-5 points throughout the day based on these areas, including good work, teamwork, home learning, etc. These points then transfer into a range of individual rewards at the end of each half term:


Class Dojo Rewards 1 (5)


One of the great features of Class Dojo is that it allows us to send you a “behaviour and skills report” every Friday by email (or you can check this at any point yourself during the week). Our hope is that this will bring the school and parents closer together, and help you better understand the progress of your child on a week to week basis. 

Students are also able to have their own account using a special code so they can customise their monsters avatars on their own!

I know you will be proud to see the great behaviours they are displaying, and in turn, if there is something they need to work on, you will be able to see that as well. To see your child’s progress, please follow the instructions on the Class Dojo form you should have received from your child, and enter your individual parent code on the Class Dojo app or website. This form also includes the student code for them to edit their avatars. Please respond to this form to confirm your account and then you’ll be all set up!

If you would like any further information about Class Dojo, including more detail about how the children earn (and possibly lose) their points, please feel free to contact us in school or message us directly through Class Dojo.


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