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Click here for the 'Admission to School - Information for Parents 2019/20' document

Admission to School is not an automatic process and there is a requirement for parents and carers to submit an application to an Admissions Authority by a specified date. For Ysgol Parc Waundew / Richmond Park School the Admission Authority is Carmarthenshire County Council and not us at the school. 

Not getting a place at a school of the parent's choice can be very upsetting and distressing for both the parents and the child. 

To assist parents and carers and to maximise the possibility of obtaining a place at a school, the Authority has developed an online application form accompanied and supported by documentation to guide parents through the application process. The link to make an online application is below: 


Online School Admission Form for a Nursery place

Online School Admission Application Form for a Primary place