The Relic Challenge

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A team of our budding historians took part in a national competition, The Relic Challenge, in 2011. Their task was to research and write an informative article about a relic of their choice from the past. Working closely with Mr G. Evans from Abergwili Museum, one group decided to find out about the Carmarthen Brooch. Currently located at the museum, the brooch is thought to date back to the end of the First Century AD and it was found near our school site during excavations before the school was built. It was found by workmen digging in the school's foundations and is one of a number of Roman finds which indicate the site was a cluster of shops. 

The children's efforts meant that they were successful in achieving an interview on BBC Radio discussing their work. The programme, Relic Challenge, is designed to let children talk about history using real-world artefacts. Out of over 200 schools nationwide, we were the only school in Wales to achieve this accolade. The experience really brought the subject alive and made it relevant for the children and motivated them to discover more about their own local history.