School dinner menu during Christmas weeks

School 20Dinner 20Menu

The following will be available as a school dinner from Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December and Wednesday 4th January to Friday 6th January: 


Monday (5th December): 

Main: Chicken burger, beans and wedges

Dessert: Rice pudding


Tuesday (6th December): 

Main: Meatballs with bolognese sauce, spaghetti and green beans

Dessert: Muffin and juice


Wednesday (7th December): 

Main: Curry, rice and naan bread

Dessert: Biscuit and milk


Thursday (8th December): 

Main: Fish and chips

Dessert: ice cream


Friday (9th December): 

Main: Christmas dinner





Wednesday (4th January): 

Main: Pizza, beans and wedges

Dessert: Chocolate cake


Thursday (5th January): 

Main: Pasta bake

Dessert: Flapjack


Friday (6th January): 

Main: Fish and chips

Dessert: Muffin

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