Tubs 4 Tablets 2015


Start collecting Tubs4Tablets tokens now! 

This autumn Flora and Stork, in partnership with Tesco, are running an amazing scheme called Tubs4Tablets which aims to help our school bring cutting edge technology into the classroom. The scheme gives schools the opportunity to collect tokens from special tubs of Flora and Stork on sale at Tesco from early September and exchange them for FREE touch screen tablets!

Help us make our campaign a success 

We need to collect as many tokens as possible, these can be found on promotional 500g tubs of Flora Original, Light and Buttery and Stork (subject to availability). Hand us your tokens... Just 50 tokens will get our school one brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0” Wi-Fi 8GB tablet, so help us to claim as many as we can. Please hand them to us in school before the 18th December at the latest for us to claim. 

Spread the word 

Remember, if friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family can help too, we could collect even more tokens to exchange for tablets. There’s no limit to the amount of FREE tablets we can claim for the school!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any support you can offer will help us to introduce modern technologies to the classroom and open a world of possibilities for our pupils. 

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