Health & Wellbeing Week

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This year we held a whole school Health & Wellbeing week with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of all children, staff and parents in the school. We started the week with a Health & Wellbeing assembly, where we engaged the whole school with our H&W video (see below):

To thank the staff for their tireless work, the children presented the staff with wellbeing bags, which included a range of items to support their wellbeing, e.g. a stress toy, a relaxation CD, personalised 'thank you' poems from the children, pencils with motivational quotes, etc.
The rest of the week had a wide range of activities for all classes, which included 30 workshops/sessions from external providers at no cost whatsoever to the school (one of our biggest achievements of the week having built strong links within the community).
For the children, we arranged meditation, Skype sessions with H&W professionals from around the world, yoga, anti-stress sessions, live cook-a-long webinars, art workshops in Oriel Myrddin Gallery, mindfulness sessions with CAMHS, teamwork sessions, a healthy pizza party at Frankie & Benny's, and much more.
The staff and parents received acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, reflexology, Bowen therapy massage, zumba, a personal trainer session, staff vs parents dodgeball competition, First Aid, and much more. To top the week off, around half of the children in the school visited the Actif Sir Gâr Leisure Centre with their parents for a Family Pool Party. Needless to say that everyone finished the week completely relaxed and rejuvenated.
We also received raffle prizes from 20 different community organisations to encourage parents to take part in the week by offering them a free raffle ticket for each event they attended. To see pictures and videos of the week, please check out our highlights video below, or our Twitter page by using the #HWWRPS hashtag or by clicking here (click the 'live' option at the top of this page to see all #HWWRPS tweets).

The week, iincluding our H&W activities throughout the year, was a tremendous success and has shown a development in the health and wellbeing of children, staff and parents in the school. Our next step will be to meet with our newly formed health and wellbeing committee (consisting of SLT, teachers, teaching assistants and office staff) to make as many of the activities during the week as sustainable as possible, e.g. by building activities into the curriculum, incorporating several of these sessions into our P.E.A.S programme, creating a H&W termly timetable for staff, etc. 
Lowri Rees (Year 4 teacher) commented: 'It was such a positive atmosphere in school for staff and children! The children learned so much without even realising it. The school feels happier as a result of the activities and I've seen a positive difference in the H&W of the children in my class.'
Sulin Milne (parent) commented: 'I would like to congratulate the school on a wonderful week of activities. I am impressed with the whole thing, especially the range of activities and the way it involved parents both with and apart from their children. Well done to all concerned.'
Some of the key stats for the three groups are: 
  • Over 130 parents took part in 11 parent workshops/activities during the week, which included our highest attended P.E.A.S 'Family Friday' to date (where parents and children worked together to make Father's Day cards).
  • 100% of parents who attended the activities felt that the activities were 'effective' and/or 'very effective' to support their own and children's H&W.
  • 97% of parents feel that the school supports their H&W well.
  • 70% of parents feel that their children are performing better academically in school as a result of our H&W initiatives.
Children (surveys based on the Estyn & Healthy Eating Surveys we did with all Year 3-6 children in November 2015 and July 2016):
  • Our pupil attendance data is ranked in the 1st quartile amongst schools in Wales at over 95% (surpassing our school target), an indicator which demonstrates that children enjoy coming to school and are engaged in their learning.
  • 89% of children from Years 1-6 have regularly attended at least one of our 12 free after school clubs since September.
  • 100% of children stated that they do not plan on smoking one day.
  • 100% of children feel that the school helps them work as a part of a team.
  • 70% of children helped themselves to fruit and veg at home prior to the H&W week, compared to 86% afterwards.
  • 28% of children drank fizzy drinks or energy drinks during their dinner prior to H&W week, compared to just 8.5% afterwards.
  • 73% of children felt that school dealt well with any bullying in November, compared to 96% now.
  • 85% of children felt they were doing well in school in November, compared to 99% afterwards (showing higher self-esteem).
  • 42% of children felt that children behaved well at playtimes/lunchtimes in November, compared to 91% afterwards.
  • We've seen a reduction in staff sickness when comparing the Autumn term with the Summer term.
  • 93% of staff who took part in the sessions feel happier in school and felt that their sessions during H&W week were 'effective' and/or 'very effective' to support their H&W.
We plan on making this week an annual event, but more importantly integrating regular health and wellbeing sessions for children and staff throughout the curriculum, as well as for parents through our P.E.A.S (Parents Engaged Actively in School) programme. By promoting health and wellbeing at the core of everything we do for all stakeholders, this will allow us to continue driving standards forward and maintain a healthy and happy school.


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