Volunteering Matters

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Our reading volunteers have been recruited and trained through the CSV, a volunteering and recruitment charity. More information about this organisation can be found by clicking here. 

Our reading volunteers work with children on a one-to-one basis, giving them their full attention and support to: 

  • improve reading levels
  • increase overall confidence
  • inspire a lifelong love of reading

The children who visit our reading volunteers have been identified by our teachers because they may struggle with their reading or because the teachers feel they would benefit from a little one-to-one reading support.  

Each of our reading volunteers work with the children for at least 10 minutes on a one-to-one basis in a quiet and relaxed setting for the reader. Together, they read, play and talk. With this extra intervention, a child's approach to learning and enjoying reading is often transformed. 

Our reading volunteers are trained to recognise the challenges the children face with their reading and help them to work through them. With access to a library of school books and games, as well as our Bug Club online reading programme, the sessions can be tailored to support every child individually.  

Who are our reading volunteers?  

Our reading volunteers come from all walks of life. They are independent, committed individuals with a genuine interest in helping children to achieve and reach their full potential. We have 4 volunteers at the moment (Carolyn, Margaret, Cherylyn and Susanne) who dedicate between 2 hours and 2 afternoons to volunteering. They are currently helping to support approximately 80 children between them each week. They are a fantastic addition to our team and alongside our teachers and support staff, are having a huge impact on our children's reading levels! 

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