PEAS (Parents Engaged Actively in School)

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The aim of our P.E.A.S programme is to work closely alonsgide parents/carers and family members to provide them with the skills and materials they need to prepare their children for school and life success.

Each week, we hold a 'Family Friday' where parents/carers are invited into school to work alonsgide their children on a new skill, including literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills. The activities promote language development and communication through strong parent-child interaction, in a fun and engaging environment. To see examples of these activities in action, please check our PEAS Twitter feed in the PEAS section under 'Information'.

Our P.E.A.S calendar of events for the current year can be found by clicking below:

PEAS Calendar of Events 2014-15


Our P.E.A.S programme has seen numerous successes already, including more parents becoming engaged in school life, parents and children working closer together, new skills being developed, a raise in attendance and a raise in standards. As a result of this success, we were invited to the regional consortia to share the success of our project with other schools. The poster below summarises some of the main achievements within th eprogramme so far.

PEAS Outcomes and Achievements




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