PEAS Family Friday session at GO Sport

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On the 27th June, we held our weekly Family Friday session at GO Sport (the building to the left of the school).  

Our parents/family members and their children were provided with an unique opportunity to work together and develop their skills on the golf simulator and the target range. They enjoyed so much that they'll be visiting together outside of school time soon. Who knows, we may find the next Ian Woosnam amongst them?! 

A huge thank you to Geraint and the team for the very warm welcome and for introducing us to the fantastic facilities, as well as for the excellent coaching our children have received during the year in our after school golf and target clubs! 

Remember, if you would like your child/children to attend our Golf Club (Monday 3.15 to 4.15) or Target Club (Friday 3.15 to 4.15) at GO Sport, please sign the register in our reception area on the actual day. 

For further information about the services and the special offers GO Sport can provide, please feel free to view their website by clicking here


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