YouTube use in school

You Tube

To further develop I.C.T. at Richmond Park School and enrich our pupils I.C.T. skills, we have created our own Channel on YouTube. To see our videos, please click the logo above. 

Benefits of using You Tube as a school are as follows: 

* To spark lively discussions by showing learners a video relevant to their lives and/or topic they're studying. 

* To create playlists which enable teachers to pinpoint particular videos they want the learners to view and research.

* To create school based videos and host them online. 

* Videos can help push strong students ahead and supplement in-class learning both in school and at home. 

* To be used as a learning station in class for a group to study a particular area of a topic. 

* To create quizzes to accompany viewed videos for instant feedback, which can then be blogged on our school blogging website.

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