Year 6 - Beast Creator

To introduce the topic of 'Beast Creator', Year 6 visited the local Woodlands area. We searched around to find and collect minibeasts of all descriptions. We treated them with great care and kept them safely to observe them in closer detail back in the classroom. We found many different types including centipedes, worms, spiders, woodlice, snails, beetles, ants and millipedes. We found drawing them quite tricky because they scurried around very quickly! At the end of the session, we released them back into their natural habitat. A very interesting beginning to our topic! 

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a visit to the National Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre in Llwynhendy. In brilliant sunshine, they took part in pond dipping where they uncovered many types of pond life including ramshorn snails, caddis fly larva, pondskaters, leeches, water spiders, boatmen and diving beetles. 

They also used their imaginations to dress up as various water creatures to demonstrate how they eat, breathe, move and keep safe. We also had a nature walk to look at different kinds of birds including flamingos, ducks, geese, swans, herons and kingfishers. Have a look at the photographs to see how much the children enjoyed the day.  

We used our independent research skills to find out information about two contrasting locations. They are the Sahara Desert and the Amazon Rainforest. We worked in groups to create a 'Big Picture' using relevant pictures and phrases. We then used our reasearch to teach our class about our location. Here are our groups below. 

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