Year 5 - Welsh Week

Wales Flag

Wythnos Gymraeg - Welsh Week 

During Welsh Week we have been looking at Wales in closer detail. We have: 

  • Located famous landmarks on a map of Wales
  • Located rivers and mountains
  • Made Fairtrade welsh cakes to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Written instructions to make Fairtrade welsh cakes (find these on our blogging page)
  • Read and created a cartoon strip of the story of St. David in Welsh
  • Watched a short film on Mary Jones and her Bible
  • Learnt about William Morgan who translated the Bible to Welsh
  • Visited our local area – woodlands
  • Created fact files of Welsh personalities ( also see these on the Year 5 blogging page


To finish the week we all dressed up and took part on St. David’s Day.


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