Year 5 - Science Week 2013

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Dosbarth Taliesin turned into a laboratory full of eager scientists this week. 

Take a look at what we a have been up to and which investigations we have been carrying out: 

The Plastic Baggie Experiment – looking at how water evaporates and condenses 

The Coloured Water Experiment – to realise only the water evaporates and condenses not the food colouring 

The Empty Cup Experiment - to realise water evaporates and will condense forming water droplets which will fall into the empty cup 

You can’t blow ping pong balls for toffee – to realise faster flowing air has less pressure than slower moving air 

Made slime – When the substance was left alone it turned to slimy liquid, but when pressure was applied the substance turned to a solid. 

Bottle Condensation – We filled a cup full of ice, a second cup ¾ full of ice, a third ½ full of ice, a fourth ¼ full of ice and the last cup we left empty. We left the ice to melt and after an hour we returned and measured the amount of water in each cup. We discovered the cup full of ice contained the most water at the end. We drew a graph and recorded our results. 

We have also been putting our problem solving skills to the test. Using our prior scientific knowledge we worked out how to remove different materials (such as paper clips, marbles, sawdust, gravel, sand, sugar and salt) from each other using the correct processes (magnetism, sieving, dissolving, filtering and evaporating).

Fire – We looked at the three substances needed to create fire – heat, oxygen and fuel. We placed different sized jars over a flame to discover which flame went out first. Next we created a fire extinguisher by putting baking soda and vinegar at the bottom of a bowl containing two (different sized) candles. The carbon dioxide emitted from the baking soda and vinegar extinguished the flames of the candle (the shorter candle being extinguished first.) 

Following our lesson on fire we had a closer look and discussion about hazardous materials and their symbols. Later we created posters to make people aware of the hazardous symbols on containers. 

To end the week we researched famous scientists and inventors on the internet and created a fact file based on a scientist/inventor of our choice.

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