Year 5 - Fair Trade Fortnight

During Fair Trade Fortnight we have been taking a closer look at all things Fair Trade. Here is what we have been doing in class: 

Making Fair Trade Welsh Cakes using Fair Trade sugar, raisins, jam and chocolate (for those who didn’t like raisins). 

Discussing the meaning of Fair Trade. 

Why are some countries poor? 

Why are some people poor? 

What people in Third World countries need. 

What is hunger? 

What is starvation? 

What is famine? 

What are the causes of famine?

Comparing the price of items in the Fair Trade range and from another brand in a supermarket. 

We read statements about Fair Trade and decided whether they were true or false 

We discussed how we could help people in developing countries. 

Creating Fair Trade poems

Year 5 have been making Fair Trade welsh cakes during Fair Trade Fortnight, using only Fair Trade products where possible.

To see the ingredients we created to help us make our welsh cakes, please click here. 

To see pictures of what we did in class, please click on the thumbnails below: 

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