Year 5 - Beast Creator

This project has a science focus which teaches the children about the life cycle and habitats, body parts and functions of different minibeasts in the locality and beyond. At the heart of this project the children will learn how to write narrative fantasy stories on the theme on minibeasts and develop additional skills in note making, scientific and technical language, recording and explanation skills.  

Children will apply their skills and understanding by creating their own super minibeasts. 

In this project the children will learn: 

  • About the characteristics, life cycles and habitats of a range of insects and minibeasts;
  • How to collect and present scientific and mathematical data using ICT multimedia;
  • How to use and apply scientific knowledge to design a uniqe minibeast based on what you have learnt about minibeast body parts;
  • To use design technology skills effectively to make a model.

To start our new topic 'Beast Creator' we have been exploring the woodlands, wetlands and reservoir for minibeasts. We have enjoyed searching in the different habitats for minibeasts and later looking at the minibeasts in greater detail in class. 




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