Year 4 - Travel Agents Topic

Travel Agents (Summer 2013 - 1st half term):

Travel -Agent -Cartoon

This project had a geography focus and taught children about tourism and the impact this can have on people and places. At the heart of this project, the children learned how to write adverts and develop additional skills in the use of persuasive and descriptive language.  

The children experienced so much during this project, including several visits into Carmarthen town to find out what Carmarthen has to offer tourists. Mr Cooper's parents also came into class to share their experiences of travelling around the world with the children at the start of the topic. They then revisited at the end of the project to give the children the opportunity to show them their completed projects and to share what they had learned during the topic. The project culminated with a visit from retired cabin crew from British Airways, who created a simulated flight experience for the children. Videos and pictures of these experiences can be seen by clicking below: 


In the Innovative Stage, children applied their skills and understanding by budgeting and preparing an overseas trip for a family of four. 

In this project, the children learned: 

  • To use geographical skills and vocabulary when finding information about destinations; 
  • About the climate, geographical features and location of a number of holiday destinations; 
  • How to use maths skills in other areas of their work; 
  • What life is like for people who live in the destinations studied, and how this might contrast with the experiences of a tourist; 
  • To locate places on maps, atlases and globes with accuracy and to calculate distances between destinations and their homes;  
  • How to present information visually and in writing use a range of media; 
  • How to plan visits, work out costs and use enterprise skills in a business environment.  


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