Year 4 - Start of the Week

Star Of The Week

Children in Year 4 can earn Mr Cooper's Star of the Week Award each week. The Star of the Week is awarded to the child/children who follow the class and school rules, try their best at all times and have made clear progress towards their personal and class targets. 

Children take a personalised letter home to parents from Mr Cooper which outlines the reasons why they have been awarded the award. They also earn the right to take home our class mascot 'Curious George the Monkey' for the weekend. Children take photographs and write a diary entry of their experiences with George to help them develop their non-fiction writing skills. These diary entries will be also be written on our class blog, as well as placed in a folder in the classroom for the other children to read and enjoy at their leisure. 

To see our 'Star of the Week' blog and examples of the children's experiences with George, please click here

To see an example of the powerpoint presentation in PDF form which Beccy made after her weekend with George, please click here.  

 Mr Cooper Star Of The Week 2  Mr Cooper Star Of The Week 3 Mr Cooper Star Of The Week 1

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