Year 4 - Science Week 2013

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Children in Year 4 took part in a wide variety of experiments for National Science Week this year. Some of these included: 

* Observing what happened when raisins were dropped into lemonade 

* Making 'Flubber' 

* Conducting a fair test 

For the fair test, children decided to follow our 'Angry Birds' topic by testing if the weight of a material affected how far an object (the 'birds') travelled when propelled from a catapult. 

Children developed their scientific skills for this experiment by creating their own model catapults for testing purposes. They also used a variety of other skills throughout the experiment, including: 

* Weighing materials with accuracy 

* Changing the independent variables (the materials) 

* Keeping the controlled variables the same (how far the catapult was pulled back, keeping the catapult in the same place, etc) 

* Measuring accurately with metre sticks and rulers 

* Repeating the experiment to check for inconsistencies

* Working out averages with calculators 

* Recording data 

* Creating graphs 

* Analysing their data

* Working as a team 

The children discovered that the lightest material travelled the furthest distance and the heaviest material travelled the shortest distance. 

Please take a look at our experiment below to see how we put these skills into practice: 

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