Year 4 Angry Birds Topic

Angry Birds

During the Spring 2013 term, we used the popular 'Angry Birds' game as the stimulus for our birds topic. Children used the game to investigate angles and trajectories in numeracy, as well as forces applied to the catapult and 'birds' in science. Their literacy work was based on writing creative stories involving the Angry Birds characters as a stimulus. Music lessons were focused on using ICT software such as 'GarageBand' to create a new theme tune for the game. In Geography, children conducted a survey of birds in the local area to compare with the birds we found in Cardiff Bay when we visited there during our trip to Techniquest. For full details of what we did during this topic, please click the link below: 

Angry Birds Medium Term Plan.pdf

Children started the topic by researching different types of birds and created their own powerpoint presentations with the information they'd discovered. They developed their ICT skills by adding text, effects and pictures to their presentations. They then developed their communication skills by presenting these Powerpoints to the rest of the class. 

To see some other examples of the children's powerpoint presentations, please click the following links: 


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File size: 2 MB (Power Point File)

Kingfisher Fact File

File size: 1 MB (Power Point File)

The children also made lists of vocabulary about various birds and then converted these words to Tagxedo. Within Tagxedo, children developed their ICT skills and created the bird templates below which included the words they researched: 

Scan 0004_converted _(500x 688)


Du _converted _(500x 428)

Gwyrdd _converted _(500x 401)

Scan 0003_converted _(500x 688)

As an extra stimulus during this topic, we created this 'Angry Bird' reward system below. The children moved pigs from the 'angry bird' to the tower to collect golden time minutes every time they went 'above and beyond' and followed the class rules. These golden time minutes allowed the children to play games which developed their teamwork skills, ICT skills and communication skills. 

 IMG_4312_converted _(500x 375)

Children also created acrostic poems linked to the 'Angry Birds' game. The challenge here was to write a poem which developed their thinking skills by linking the letters correctly to the story of the game: 

 Picture 2_converted _(500x 383)

Children developed their numeracy skills by becoming competent users of protractors and being able to predict and measure various angles and trajectories: 

 Scan 0006_converted _(500x 364)


Picture 1_converted _(500x 799)

Children also developed their Welsh skills by writing a conversation between two or more 'Angry Birds', as well as writing Welsh similes. They also practiced their Welsh reading and oral skills by having a conversation between two 'Angry Birds': 

Scan 0001_converted _(500x 688)

 Scan 0002_converted _(500x 688)


During their design/technology and science lessons, the children created their very own catapults by using materials like clothes pegs, lollipop sticks, plastic spoons and elastic bands. They also conducted an investigation to find out whether the weight of a material (the 'Angry Bird') being propelled from a catapult affected how far it travelled. To see pictures of the children's catapults, the investigation and to see what they discovered, please click on the link below: 

'Angry Birds' catapult experiment/investigation 

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