Year 3 - World War 2 Topic


During the Christmas 2012 term, we studied World War 2 as our topic. We investigate various types of shelters and designed and made our own Anderson Shelters.  

In Science, we tested various materials to see which material would be best to use as a parachute for a paratrooper. We made pastel pictures of the Blitz, as well as comparing the life of a child during the War with the lives of children today. 

Children even did their own research to find out answers to their questions. They interviewed members of their families and even brought in some equipment from wartime.  

To reinforce the theme, we went on a trip to Cardiff Castle, where we had a tour of the air raid tunnels, as well as made wartime Christmas decorations. Pictures of our day out can be seen by clicking the thumbnails below.  

IMG_3000_converted _(600x 450)

IMG_2937_converted _(600x 800)


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