Year 1 - The Magical Christmas Jigsaw

The theme for the second part of the autumn term was based on our whole school Christmas performance for parents The Magical Christmas Jigsaw. 

Apart from our daily language and mathematical work, here are some ideas and questions that the children in Dosbarth Gwern chose to explore during the term: 

  • What does Christmas mean to us?
  • What would be on our Christmas jigsaw?
  • Let`s think of questions to accompany our ideas e.g. How old is Santa? Can elves fly? How do you write a Christmas list / letter? Where do angels live?
  • Role-playing angels and shepherds.
  • Christmas maths – handling data about Christmas cards, shapes and food.
  • Enjoying Christmas stories, writing lists and letters to Santa.
  • Christmas craft – making cards, calendars.
  • Using Fflic a Fflac`s party pack (pecyn parti) to make hats, decorations and games – Welsh Language Development.
  • Invite Puppet Theatre Wales to school after our Christmas concert to perform What`s the Time Mr Rooster?
  • Planning a Christmas party!



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