Year 1 - Money, money, money!

Inspired by Financial Education Week, the children of Dosbarth Gwern decided on "Money, Money, Money" as our theme for the spring term. We talked about what the word money meant to us and planned activities for the term based on our ideas. Here are a few examples across the areas of learning: 

Language – collect and enjoy money stories, poems and songs. Use our favourite money story The Great Pet Sale as a stimulus for role-play and writing. 

Mathematics – set up a pet shop and have The Great Gwern Pet Sale! 

Role-play pricing, buying and selling, finding totals and giving change. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World – make chocolate coins; make simple maps of where shops are located in Priory Street; compare old and new forms of shopping. 

We also look forward to celebrating the following during this term: 

Santes Dwynwen 

Chinese New Year 

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi/St David`s Day

Fairtrade fortnight 

World Book Day 

Mothering Sunday and Easter. 

“The more we do, the more we can do!”

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