Year 1 - Land Ahoy!

Land Ahoy is our theme for the second part of the summer term. This project has a design and technology focus and the children in Dosbarth Gwern will learn about the properties of different materials, a range of mechanisms and forces as well as aspects of water and coastal safety. At the heart of this project the children will learn how to write simple narrative stories.

The children are visiting the quayside of the River Towy at 10.30am on Thursday 20 June to see the Carmarthen coracles in action. Towards the end of the project, the children will express and evaluate their new knowledge, understanding and skills by visiting a coastal area.

During this project the children will learn about: 

  • simple mechanisms such as pulleys and levers;
  • forces, such as floating, sinking, pulling and pushing;
  • the properties of different materials;
  • water transport through the ages and across the world;
  • aspects and features of the Welsh coastline;
  • how to use a range of sources to find information;
  • how to write and re-tell simple narrative stories.


We will also learn new vocabulary related to boats and the sea in English and Welsh to use in role-play and written work. 

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