Year 1 - Happiness

HAPPINESS is our theme for the first part of the autumn term. This project focuses on the personal and social development aspect of the Foundation Phase curriculum. The children will develop their ideas and learn about the importance of happiness, health, well-being and celebrations. At the heart of this project, the children will write instructions and explanations and use their developing writing skills to record their ideas and experiences. Towards the end of the project, the children will apply their skills and understanding by holding a HAPPY DAY with parents/carers and families.

During the project, the children will learn:

  • how to understand and appreciate their own feelings anf the feelings of others;
  • how to eat healthily and how this affects well being;
  • how to keep safe and how being safe keeps us happy and well;
  • how to describe emotions and feelings through drama, dance, art and music;
  • about significant happy life events that are celebrated;
  • how to collect information in a variety of ways, including photography, reading, ICT etc,
  • how to present information in an interesting way; 
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