Year 1 - Electric Rainbow

Medi 2013 Gwern 033 Converted 499X373

This project is an opportunity for the children to explore light, colour and electricity. At the heart of the project, the children will learn how to write poetry on a theme and develop additional skills in note making and sentence writing. This will help them to remember and describe first hand experiences. 

Towards the end of the project, the children will apply their skills and understanding by creating a range of light sources to celebrate Christmas. 

In this project, the children will learn: 

  • how to create a simple circuit;
  • what life was like before electricity;
  • which light sources are appropriate for which purpose;
  • why light is important to us and other cultures;
  • how to present information usign a variety of methods including ICT;
  • how to use light and colour to create patterns, effects and express feelings;
  • how to write simple poems on a theme;


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