Welcome back - Croeso nol

A Welcome Back To School Bookworm 0521 1004 2016 0208 SMU

Croeso nol! We hope you are all excited for another action packed year full of fun and learning at Ysgol Parc Waundew.  

This year we would like to extend a warm welcome to some new staff at our school. Miss Rees is our new Year 3 teacher and Miss Charlotte Phillips is our new Foundation Phase Assistant. We are also welcoming the 'Superstars' (Mr Gareth Jones, Mr Chris James and Miss Carly Hughes) to our team this year. They will be responsible for teaching areas of the P.E., Art, Drama and SEAL curriculum. Further information about the Superstars can be found in the 'Curriculum' area of our website. 

You will have already received information regarding contact forms, consent forms, etc which have been sent home with your children. We kindly ask if you could send these back to school as soon as possible. If these letters have been misplaced and you require new ones, please feel free to access our 'Letters' section of the website or the 'documents and forms' within 'Information, where you can download and print new ones.  

We hope that you and your child/children are as excited about this year as we are as staff. There will be several opportunities throughout the year for both you as parents/carers and your children to become further involved with school life this year. If there is anything we can help you with or you would like further information regarding your child's learning, please feel free to come in and discuss these with your child's class teacher. 




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