Sports Day 2013 videos and pictures

Sports Day

Children at Richmond Park School took part in another fun and action packed sports day on the 24th May 2013. Every child in the school took part in a variety of activities and sports, including javelin, sprints, relay, penalty shootouts, golf and much, much more. Congratulations to Cameron and Morgan for winning the Victor and Victrix awards this year for their sporting achievements both in and out of school. The children in the juniors all earned valuable points towards the grand total for their respective houses. After a close afternoon of competition, the points were tallied up and verified and the winner was announced as Cennen house with a whopping total of 1,076 points. Well done to every child for taking part, they all did themselves and the school proud!  

Please take a look at our videos and pictures below to get a taste of what the children experienced during the day. Our 'Trailer' video gives a little teaser as to what we did during the day, whereas the second video includes more detail. If the videos are running slow, try turning the HD function off and be patient whilst the video loads.

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