Our School Attendance Targets & Initiatives

School Attendance1

Richmond Park School's attendance target is 95%. 

'Missing school is missing out!'

It is essential for children to attend as much school as possible if they are to get the most from their education and achieve their full potential. Being absent or late to school means a lost learning opportunity for your child.  

If your child is unwell or cannot attend school for any reason, please call the school office or inform your child's class teacher at your earliest opportunity, stating the reason. 

Family holidays: 

Wherever possible, you should take family holidays during school holidays. It's especially disruptive for your child to miss school days at the start of the school year, when new routines are being set up. 

If for some unavoidable reason you want to take your child on holiday during term time, you must complete a 'holiday request form', available from the school office and get this signed by the head teacher. We will not agree to a child missing more than a total of ten days for family holidays in any school year unless there's a very good reason.  


To encourage children to attend school as much as possible and meet our 95% target, we have developed the following initiatives: 

100% Attendance Club: 

During a special assembly at the end of each full term, we celebrate by rewarding those children who have met our 95% target with special certificates and acknowledgement in front of their peers. As well as this, those children who have achieved a fantastic 100% attendance are rewarded with a special 100% Attendance Certificate and have their pictures placed on our '100% Attendance Tree' in our main reception area for the whole of the next term for everyone to see. As well as this, the children who achieved 100% attendance are also entered into a raffle draw during the assembly to win a mp3 player. To see this year's winners and 100% Club members, please click here. 

Attendance Display Boards: 

Every class in the school has an attendance display board located outside their classrooms. The aim of these boards is for both the children and parents to be made aware on a weekly basis of their attendance percentage in relation to our school targets. The boards also display the attendance percentage for the whole class collectively on a weekly basis.  

These boards display the children's photographs on a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Red setting to allow them to know exactly where they are compared to the school percentage attendance target. These colours are represented as follows: 

Gold = 95%+ Attendance (met the school target - Excellent!) 

Silver = 94-94.99% Attendance (almost met the target)

Bronze = 93-93.99% Attendance (attendance needs to improve) 

Red = 93% and below Attendance (child is at high risk of underachieving)

An example of one of these displays are below: 

IMG 6235

We realise that there are some occasions such as illness and hospital appointments which are unavoidable and will impact on a child's attendance, but across an academic year a child should still be able to meet our 95% target

We would like to see every child on the Gold sections of the display board by the end of the year (i.e. meeting our school attendance and achieving their full potential). With your support, let's 'Go for Gold' together!  

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