Nursery and Reception - Events - Teeny Tiny Things Topic (Nursery)


Project Overview 

This project has a Knowledge and Understanding of the World focus and enables children to explore details of the natural world, using a range of methods and resources to observe things carefully. Building on initial starting points during the Engage Stage, our observations will enable us to develop the project flexibly, taking account of the children's ideas and interests. 

During the Innovate Stage, the children will be encouraged to think creatively applying their previous skills, knowledge and understanding to imagine who might have left a trail of teeny, tiny footsteps. 

In this project the children will learn about: 

  • How to look for tiny details with care, concern and concentration
  • Equipment such as hand lenses, visualizers, pooters and microscopes to observe things closely
  • Small wonders of the natural world
  • How to use a digital camera to take photographs of details
  • Intricate patterns seen on natural objects
  • Living things that are tiny
  • Representing ideas, oservations and creativity, using drawing, mark-making, technology and words
  • Using creative skills to design, make and talk about a range of objects and artefacts linked to the theme
  • The Welsh language using words and phrases across a range of experiences both in the indoor and outdoor environment.



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