Nursery and Reception - Cinderella Topic (Nursery)

Know, Want to Know and Learned chart 

Children have been studying Cinderella as a topic. This KWL chart completed at the very start of the project shows what the children already knew about the Cinderella story and what they wanted to find out. After the project another check was carried out to see what they have learned. 

Please click here to see our KWL Grid 

Apart from our daily Numeracy and Literacy lessons, these are some of the challenges the children have set for themselves for the coming weeks

  • Can we make delicious Pumpkin Soup, biscuits and party cakes?
  • Are we clever enough to make invitations, crowns, tiaras, jewellery and magic wands?
  • Where would Cinderella like to visit if she came to Carmarthen?
  • Could we teach Cinderella to count her shoes and name the colours of her dresses in Welsh?
  • How can we help the sisters to be friends?
  • What are Cinderella’s favourite songs?
  • Do we know any magic words?
  • Where can we buy party clothes and shoes?
  • What time is it?
  • Can we learn a special dance in time for our Christmas Ball?


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