NEW VIDEO Year 3 and 4 Garden Renovation

Our topic at the end of the Summer 2013 was:

Wild Wood

Please click below to see our pictures and video about what we learned during this topic: 

This project had a forest skills and art focus and taught the children about woodland areas, animals which live in these habitats and food chains. At the heart of this project the children wrote poetry using descriptive language about wildlife and their habitats and developed additional skills in writing explanations and information writing.  

We started the project off by visiting the woodlands areas at Dinefwr Castle in Llandeilo and our local woodland near the school. Children examined the wildlife and plants in great detail by conducting bug and plant hunts. They went pond dipping to find out about the different types of animals living in Welsh ponds. They formulated their findings by using tally charts and created graphs to compare and contrast their findings in both areas.  

In this project the children learned: 

* Worked out the circumference of various types of trees, 

* Used natural materials to create various items for their art projects, 

* Developed the school garden to attract wildlife by creating a new pond, paths, planted trees, etc. 

* Designed and created items to put in the garden out of natural and recycled materials, including bird feeders, spider web catchers, ladybird sanctuaries, dream catchers, etc. 



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