Come Fly with Richmond Park Video


Children in Years 3 and 4 were treated to a very special experience today as they boarded a flight on Richmond Park Airways to New York. 

We welcomed Steve and Kate Beard into the school, two retired cabin crew members from British Airways. The children had their own passports, boarding passes, went through check-in, security checks and then went to the hall which was set up to simulate an aeroplane layout. Captain Cooper and Rees flew the plane, whilst Steve and Kate kindly provided the children with refreshments on board, after having been through the emergency procedures demonstration of course. 

After landing in New York, children were given the opportunity to ask Steve and Kate some questions about their careers as cabin crew. The children and staff would like to thank them both for giving up their time and for helping to provide the children with an experience they will never forget.  

Kate and Steve even commented at the end that they were 'genuinely impressed with the school, its happy atmosphere, the effort by all put into the visit, the excellent behaviour of the pupils and their listening skills and enthusiasm'. Another fantastic testament to the hard work put in by our staff and the wonderful children we have at Richmond Park School.  

Please view our video below to see exactly what the children experienced during their visit, and then click the pictures to see how much the children enjoyed!  


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