Staff Leaver Assembly

Leaver Assembly

Our final day of term finished on a slightly sad note as we had to bid farewell to some much loved and cherished members of staff. Mrs Tonie Davies is leaving us to embark on her well deserved retirement, whilst Mrs Alison Jones and Miss Amy Tynan are leaving to begin a new career and to continue with their professional studies respectively. 

Mrs Davies was one of the school's few remaining original staff, as she was here in 1988 when the school first opened. She has been a dedicated teacher over the years and has been inspirational in helping the school achieve no fewer than three Eco Green Flags. Her work in developing music throughout the school is to be admired and I'm sure that many past and present pupils would like to thank Mrs Davies for inspiring them to play an instrument. Mrs Pat Evans and Miss Anne-Marie presented Mrs Davies with a blanket during the assembly which was made from squares which each child and member of staff designed individually. Mrs Davies has been a leader, a colleague and a fantastic teacher over the years, and she has certainly stamped herself in the Hall of Fame at Richmond Park School!  

Mrs Jones has also been a part of the furniture at Richmond Park over the years, having held a variety of responsibilities, including teaching and working with several children on a one-to-one basis. She will most recently be remembered by the children for teaching art throughout the school, which the children looked forward to every week. Mrs Jones has been a great support to both staff and children over the years and will be missed by us all! Diolch Mrs Jones! 

Miss Amy brought a touch of fun and humour to both the staff and to the children at Richmond Park. She worked closely with children on a one-to-one basis and made clear and evident improvements in their learning, social skills and wellbeing. Her warm presence in the school will certainly be missed, but never forgotten! 

I'm sure that each of the staff would agree that Mrs Davies, Mrs Jones and Miss Tynan were not just colleagues, but they are all also very close friends! Everyone here wishes you all the very best success and happiness for your futures and we look forward to meeting up with you all very soon! The doors to Richmond Park will always be open to you! Pob lwc! 


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