Sports Day 2012


To correspond with the London 2012 Olympics, we held a multi-skills sports day which also incorporated the traditional element of a sprint, distance and relay race. Our skills events included a javelin throw, hockey dribble, shuttle run, golf target shot, rugby passing, bean bag target throw and a penalty shootout. 

We held an opening ceremony, where every child in the school paraded around the field with Olympic flags, our school's Olympic torch and the real Olympic torch. We were delighted to invite Hope Russell to attend our morning. Hope is one of the Gold Ambassadors from Queen Elizabeth High School and she was also selected as one of the Olympic torch bearers. She brought along her torch and the children were extremely excited to be able to hold and see it up close. We are also grateful to Carys Mansfield, Chris James (Silver Young Ambassadors) and the students from QEH for volunteering their time to help with our day.  

We were also delighted to have Mr Dafydd Jones from the Scarlets be our guest speaker at the opening ceremony. Dafydd was also kind enough to help out with the activities, even taking the role of a goalkeeper during the penalty shootout competition.  

The closing ceremony was focussed on presenting the house shield, presenting 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals to the children on a podium and presenting seven children with wristbands etched with each of the Olympic Values. The 7 wristbands were presented to the children who best demonstrated the values throughout the year.  

Congratulations to Cothi house for winning both the House Shield and the Relay Shield.

Please click on the pictures below to see how much fun we had on our day:

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