Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week - Dragon Sport Visit

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'I enjoyed seeing the real Olympic torch, holding Mandeville and Wenlock and taking part in all of the different activities during the week'. 

Tilley Thomas - Year 6 pupil  

Children throughout the school took part in the Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week between the 25th and 29th June. Every pupil in the school developed their skills throughout the week in a variety of sports, with the emphasis being on enjoying and taking part in different sporting activities. Children were rewarded with a certificate for taking part in the activities during the week. 

Children from the Foundation Phase classes held bike races, egg and spoon races and developed their tennis skills by controlling and dribbling a ball through a set of cones. They also wore Olympic bibs to represent the different countries which are taking part in the Olympics. The Key Stage 2 children practised their football and athletics skills in preparation for the upcoming festivals and competitions. 

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On the Friday, children were visited by Dragon Sport and their mascot 'Draig'. We were also fortunate enough to be able to see one of the Olympic Torches again, as well as meet Mandeville and Wenlock (the Olympic mascots). Children throughout the school were awarded prizes based on their sporting commitment throughout the week. Foundation Phase children were presented with Dragon Sport t-shirts, whilst the Key Stage 2 children were awarded with wrist bands which corresponded to the Olympic Values. As a school, we would like to say a big thank you to Dragon Sport for their support on the day and during the year. 

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